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DOTW :: 09 March :: Daisy Brush Script Bottle Bag

Brush typefaces are very popular at present, giving the look of hand-painted brush strokes.  The Daisy Brush Script is a great example, with nice thick upper case letters, just perfect for cutting projects AND it is available for FREE in the Silhouette Design Store until 14th March 2016!

I have an easy Heat Transfer project for you today using the Daisy Brush Script file and just two others from the design store. I've pressed the design in Flocked Heat Transfer Material onto a bottle bag; a special way to enhance a bottle gift. You could use regular Heat Transfer Material or a variation on the design to make a shaped card or gift tag. I've used a wine bottle shape, but you could easily change it to a soda bottle, champagne or beer bottle.

Download the following designs (or similar) from the Silhouette Design Store:
#123134 Daisy Brush Script
#120203 Wine Bottle and Glass
#71555 Reindeer Sweater

STEP 1 - Prepare the Bottle

The Wine bottle and Glass file contains a number of elements, but we only needed the bottle, so ungroup the pieces (highlight the group, then Object > Ungroup) and copy the bottle to a new page. (highlight the bottle then Edit > Copy, move to new page then Edit > Paste).

We are going to make the bottle into an outline image, and it will need to be a little wider to accommodate the lettering, so increase the width to 2.29"(58.17mm).

Make an Offset using the default setting ( .125"). Now we have an outline. Eventually we will want to make the two pieces a compound path BUT NOT YET! For now just group them (Object > Group) and rotate them (Object > Rotate > 90 degrees clockwise). 

STEP 2 - Add The Brush Script

Open the Daisy Brush Script file (note this is a file and NOT a font) in a new document (File > New) and Ungroup the letters (Object > Ungroup). Copy and Paste all the letters you'll need into the document with the bottle. Select all the letters in the word 'Cheers' and group them together. 

Stretch the word Cheers by dragging the white squares (drag handles) until you are pleased with the effect. Group M and ' and make them smaller, and do the same with the S. Move them around to make room for the deer. Make the bottle a little longer by dragging the box surrounding the bottle to the right.

STEP 3 - Prepare the Deer

Open the Reindeer and Sweater file and ungroup the elements (Object > Ungroup). The eyes are going to be a little small for cutting for this project, so select your deer, release the compound path (Object > Release Compound Path), select the eye and delete it (Edit > Delete).  Copy the deer and paste it into the page with your bottle.

STEP 4 - Bring it all together

Of course, the reindeer is a little big, so reduce it's size by holding down the shift key (to keep the same proportions), moving the drag box in, and make him smaller. Move him into his place, and rearrange and resize all the elements, including the bottle until you are happy with them. 

Now its time to make the bottle outline, so select both parts of the bottle (hold down the shift key as you select them) and make them into a compound path (Object > Make Compound Path). Fill the design with a colour to check that you got it right!

Now select and group the whole thing and re-size it to fit your bottle bag. My bag measures 17cm wide by 37cm high and has a round 11 cm base (about 6.5" x 17").   It's a good idea to print the design on paper and hold it up to the bag when it has a bottle inside and resize your design accordingly.  I found that 3' x 10.5" was about right.

When you are happy with it set your Cut Settings to Cut. If you are going to cut the design from heat transfer material (HTV), REMEMBER TO REVERSE THE DESIGN (Object > Mirror > Flip Horizontal).  I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten!

Add a 'weeding box' around the design and move both to the cutting position in order to use your HTV most economically. Now all you have to do is cut your design and peel away the material that you don't need, then iron or heat press it on to your bag.

Use the recommended cut settings for heat transfer material and use the test cut function to see if any modification is required.  I'll cover tips and hints on applying the material in a later post, but meantime time this document from Silhouette America will help you with applying the Silhouette Heat Transfer Material.

Of course, you can change the wording to include your own favourite toast and make a very personal gift. Cheers!

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Wine Bottle and Glass by Sandi Idleman ID #120203 Reindeer Sweater by Jennifer Wambach ID #71555 Daisy Brush Script FONT

Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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  1. Janet I am loving this! such a fun creation, and I love how it can be personalised to fit the recipient!