Saturday, 12 March 2016

Origami Rabbit Easter Gift Wrap and Tag

Hello everyone! Sara here, today I am showing you a couple of small tutorials for Easter. Everyone who knows me, knows I put a lot of effort in finding the perfect gift. But I also put a lot of effort on the gift wrapping. So for Easter I thought I could show you how you can make your own wrapping paper, Washi Easter themed stickers and a gift tag.

To start off you need these supplies: 


  • First you need to set your page to the size you want the wrapping paper to be printed in, mine was set to A4 size. 

  • Then you add the Origami design to your page. Resize it to around 2.5 cm and color it black. Mirror it to the right and move the new shape a couple of millimetres away. Then you duplicate the two to the right. Move the two new shape to the right and duplicate the two, one more time till you have a full line of rabbits. Now you can duplicate the whole line below, move the new line a couple of millimetres down, you keep on duplicating till you have the whole page covered with these cute little rabbits. 

  • Print your design on glossy paper. 

2. Washi Egg and Rabbit Stickers

  • From the Bunny Set design, I chose to use on of the egg and rabbit shapes. Resized them till they were about 2.5 cm tall. Duplicate the design till you have a couple of lines or as many as you might need. I wanted to use only one of the washi papers that you get and wanted to only use the two first designs on the paper, so made enough shapes to cover the two patterns. 

  • Once you're ready, set your cut and blade setting to Washi paper preferences. After I did a test cut, I encreased my blade setting to 2 instead, to get a cleaner cut. But make sure to do your own test cut! Once you're happy with the setting send to cut. Now your Washi stickers are done.

3. Origami Rabbit Gift Tag

  • In a new window, add your Origami Rabbit. Resize it to 5-6 cm and color it in the desired color. I chose a dark yellow color to match one of the patterns for the washi stickers. 
  • Do an offset of the design to about 0.350 cm. Choose release compound path and remove all the offset bits that was created inside the rabbit, we only want the edge part. Now select all and group it together.
  • Add a small circle on the top of the rabbit where the whole for the tag will be. 
  • Add registration marks to the page and place the design inside the marked area. 
  • Check your cut settings. It should only cut the edge and the circle part of the design.
  • Send to printer and print on cardstock paper. Afterwards cut it with your Silhouette using the cardstock settings. 

Now that youve completed all the small projects, you can start wrapping your gift!



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