Monday, 21 March 2016

Mint and gold starry fairy card

I love this angelic fairy design from the store which you can use with your Silhouette pens.

For this project you will need:

Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
Computer + printer
Paper slicer or scissors
Silhouette vellum
Card stock
Gold glitter card
Colouring pens e.g. Papermania
Tiny brad
Foam pads
Glitz glitter glue (if wanted)

For a C6 card size, make a rectangle measuring 23cm x 16 cm. Draw a long rectangle for the stripe  (mine were 1.3 cm x 16 cm), open the colour fill window and fill it with the colour of your choice from the palette. Replicate this rectangle to have six of them. Find the mid point of your card, where the crease will be, and arrange your stripes to be evenly spaced apart below this mid line (select all stripes, align centre, space vertically). You should now have something like this. Put card stock in your printer, and print. I then cut the basic card with a paper slicer.
Move the card off your computer design area and open up the fairy design from your library. Adjust the size to 7.45 cm x 9 cm and place it top left within your work area.

Put some card stock on your Silhouette cutting mat. Load it into your machine. Remove the cutting blade and replace it with your Silhouette gold pen. Go back to your computer and under cut settings, select Silhouette Sketch pen. Now everything which is normally a "cut" line will be drawn. As the fairy design is all you should have in front of you, Send to Silhouette and the fairy will magically be drawn before your very eyes! Once finished, remove the card stock from your mat, and cut it with your paper cutter.

Take your gold glitter card and cut a mat slightly larger than the fairy drawing with your slicer. Mount them with foam pads on the right side of the card.

Clear the computer work space design area. Make a text box with your words and place it top left, but with enough room around to later cut the flag shape. Put your vellum on the Silhouette mat and feed into your machine. Back at your computer, choose a font that will draw well. I used Sebastian font by Nic Squirrel. You should still have the Silhouette Sketch pen cut settings in place, so send to Silhouette and the letters will be sketched for you. DO NOT UNLOAD! At your computer, draw a flag space around the words (or draw a rectangle and you can cut the flag indent with scissors later). To make a flag: draw a rectangle then a square. rotate the square 45 degrees in the Rotate window. Put the square over the end of the rectangle as shown. Select both, go to Modify and select Subtract Dah da!
Place the flag around the words. Make sure you have changed the words to No Cut! Remove the pen from your cutter and replace with the blade. At the computer select the cut settings for Vellum (Silhouette brand) and send the job to the cutter. Place the flag on your card and attach with double sided sticky tape at the top, or a small brad. I had a tiny lilac flower.

I felt it still needed something, so I fed gold printable sticker foil into my machine, drew several stars using a free star file from the library, and then cut using the Printable foil settings. My stars were just 0.5 mm across! Decorate the card with them and the final stage is to add some subtle colour with pens and glitter glue sparkle to the fairy.

I would love to see your interpretation of this, and if you have any questions, please just ask.


Fairy design file by Erin Doran #62400
Sebastian font by Nic Squirrell ##70801


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. What a lovely card Hilary. I hadn't thought of using the Silhouette sketch pens on vellum - now you've given me an idea ...

  2. Thanks Janet. It doesn't take much to get your design brain working!