Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Design Team Introduction :: Hilary Milne

I live in N.E Scotland on a small farm, with my husband and two dogs. Last year i was lucky enough to turn Sixty and my best decision was to stop dying my hair, which saved a lot of money which could be spent on more craft supplies! Since my husband built himself and aircraft hanger to house his hobbies (only a slight exaggeration), I got my own small, dedicated craft workshop in an outbuilding and I have been selling imported Greek beads online since 2005.

I love computer technology and over the past 20+ years , I have become quite proficient at website design, Photo Shop Elements and many other graphics programs. three years ago I at last found my true love among crafts, creating many of my own designs with my side kicks: my Silhouette Cameo, my computers and my iPad. Colour and fun are all important in my designs. I go to sleep at night with colours and patterns swirling in my thoughts, and first thing in the morning, I can't wait to get to my Silhouette Cameo and start creating! My interests move on quickly, but at the moment (i.e. this week) I am leaning towards experimenting with more geometric designs. 

I make stickers for small businesses and a lot of cards,  but I also make paper collages, etch, print and cut fabric for sewing, print and iron on transfers, and cut vinyl. Until this year, these things were mainly made for friends and family, but having just started an etsy shop I am hoping to start selling more of my own designs and design files this year if I can find the time!

To anyone out there who thinks they cannot draw, I want to say my art teacher at school never encouraged me. To this day I could never say I am an artist, but with all the encouragement I got from my Mum, I definitely could utter the words "I am a crafter"! When I was little I would act out being a Blue Peter presenter in front of a mirror, so I was over the moon to be picked for this year's design team. The Silhouette software is fabulous, and I hope that I will be able to encourage some of you to make your very own designs this year. It is so satisfying. I will be attempting my first video tutorials. I am looking forward to a Fun year (note the capital). I hope the makes by the Design Team will sweep you off your feet and that we can carry you along with our enthusiasm!

Here is a taster of what I do:


  1. Lovely to put a face to the name Hilary. Very jealous of your craft workshop! I told my boyfriend I could actually fit all my craft stuff in just one wee box. He told me to stop calling our home a box!

    1. All men married to crafty women need a sense of humour!

    2. or boyfriends, partners etc..