Monday, 14 March 2016

Vinyl Good Luck Card with Scratch Media

 I decided for this project to use self adhesive vinyl and couple it with silhouette scratch media and some accent rhinestones.

The idea for a scratch panel with a hidden message adds a new dimension to the card and I am really please with how it has worked out.

This card was made in stages, due to the multiple elements used, and we will walk through it step by step.

Step One 

Open a new page in the Silhouette Studio, we will work with the message first.
I used the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie font from the Silhouette Store.

Here I made a little error, in that I resized the page settings so I could place the text in exactly the right place. But because I wanted to write on the front of the card, the fold in the card meant that it could not be placed on the mat and be fed through the machine very easily.  So in this instance I decided to flip the text box horizontally and vertically and positioned the text box to be correctly drawn once in the Silhouette.  It took a little extra time but in this instance it worked out well for this project. However it makes life easier if you double check the positioning first.

Now the writing isn't going to be a cut, we are going to use Silhouette Sketch Pens, so instead of using your blade, you need to insert a sketch pen into your holder in your Silhouette machine, and choose this option in the material box.

Once the design has been sketched, you can unload the mat from the silhouette and remove the card.
It can then be put to one side, while you start to work with the vinyl.

Step Two

Using a new page (or deleting the text box from your current page)  Choose a design that will be cut from the vinyl.  I chose a Shamrock design and found this by searching for Shamrock in the Silhouette store.

I like to use as little material as possible when it comes to cutting, so if a design is grouped, I will right click and ungroup.  It allows me to move the elements closer together.  I also used the same font to write the 'Good Luck' as this will be cut from vinyl too.
Once that is done and the cut settings are set, choose the material type in the box and adjust the blade setting accordingly.  I used the recommended setting for vinyl and sent it to the silhouette.
I unloaded the mat and removed the uncut vinyl from the sheet, leaving me with my shamrock borders and the letters.  It then needs to be weeded and using the Silhouette pick me up tool or the scraper you can weed out any bits of vinyl that you do not want transferring onto your card.

 It is then time to add your design to your card.  I used the pick me up tool and placed them on the card in the positions that I wanted.  For the wording, you can use transfer paper as it is great for keeping it all aligned.

Step Three

Next it is time to cut the scratch media that you will place on top of the lettering the sketch pens drew for you earlier.  I used a simple scalloped box, but you could easily choose a square or rectangle.
Load the scratch media onto the mat and choose the correct material in the settings box, and adjust your blade accordingly.

Once cut you can then remove from the mat and place over the text on your card.

Step Four

The next step for my design was to add rhinestones to the curls of the vinyl.  I wanted to add another dimension to the card and found the rhinestones to be very effective.  I chose black as a good contrast colour to the green and adhered them to the card using the Silhouette rhinestone setter.

 I really enjoyed sharing this with you and hope you have fun creating your own card using the different materials.  I look forward to sharing with you again soon!

Designs Used

Clover Shamrock corner and vertical flourishes Design ID# 55750
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Font

Tools Used

Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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  1. You've inspired me to have a go with the scratch offs! C x