Monday, 28 March 2016

Princess Birthday Themed Cake Topper

No birthday party for young kids is complete without an awesome, yummy birthday cake. On top of that cake I wanted to give you an option of adding an equally awesome cake topper that will wow your birthday child as well as the guests. 

Supplies needed:


A. Preparing the Princess design:

  • Once you open the princess file, it will be ungrouped and without color. You will need to ungroup the file, color each part in the color you like and assemble it together and group. 

  • I wanted the cake topper to be a bit big, so resize the design to about 15 cm tall. Add registration marks, position the design to be inside the markings and print. 

  • Before you cut your design, open your cut settings and choose cut edge

Now your design is ready to print and cut. 

B. Preparing the writing:

  • Write in Caps Lock "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", choose the LW Splendid font. Add character spacing to 126 and align the writing in the middle. Decrease the line spacing to 80.5%. Resize the writing to 18 cm wide. 

  • Now you can cut the file, if you are using glitter cardstock, make sure you choose the write settings. You might have to increase the thickness as glitter cardstock, so make sure to test cut before you cut the whole file. 

C. Preparing the background:

  • In a new window, position the princess and writing in the way you want them to look on the cake topper. Choose offset on both designs and set offset distance to 0.8 cm and apply. 
  • Release compound path and remove the offsets inside the design. Now you can remove the princess and writing and your background is ready to be cut.


  • Glue spray the backside of the princess and writing and assemble it on to the background. 
  • On the backside of the cake topper, use either tape or glue gun to attach the skewers on both ends of the cake toppers. 
And now you have an adorable cake topper for any princess loving girl or boy's birthday party!



Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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