Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Embrace Life Sketch Pen tutorial

Embrace Life Sketch Pen tutorial

Hiiiii Caroline here with a layout I created using a simple star shape, sketch pens and the modify tool.

Here is the layout...

This is a super easy technique but packs a punch, plus you get to add a whole bunch of text to highlight your memory.

I started off using this shape from the silhouette studio...

I only wanted to use the top left star so I deleted the other three and then re sized the star to be much larger. Once you have done that, just pop it off to the side.

Now to create your text. I was documenting Freya looking at an amazing statue of a head with mosaic tiles all over it. I decided to have a look on Pinterest for some quotes that would fit the theme and this one stood out to me:

'We are mosaics - pieces of light, love, history, stars - glued together with magic and music and words'

I typed out the quote by clicking the text button on the left. Once clicked a box will appear on the right which allows you to choose the style of font and the size. I wanted to fill the whole page with the text so once I had typed it out I just copied and pasted until it was all filled up....

Now you need to go back to the star shape and drag and drop it over the text...

The next step is to select the whole design and clicking object and group - this is very important!
Now on the top right click the modify tool and options will appear beneath it, click crop and it will look like this...

VERY IMPORTANT - highlight everything as above and again click group, this enables you to resize or move your shape and text about the page as one.

Once that is done you are ready to print your design using the sketch pen setting and you have the background to your page done.

I decided to ad in some stitching in a couple of different coloured threads just to add some texture to the page.

Finally add your photo and embellishments and then sit back and admire your handiwork HA!

Here are some close ups...

I hope you enjoyed this and that you give it a go, I was so chuffed with how this turned out and will be doing it more often on my pages.

I'll be back soon with more pages and ideas.

'Til next time
C x

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  1. I love this layout and the technique is great. I'm thinking it would be great for Christmas greetings cards too - carol in a tree shape?

    1. Thanks Janet and oh my goodness what a fabulous idea! C x

  2. Love both your page and the tutorial! Thanks!!!