Sunday, 13 November 2016

Curvy Sketchy Titles

I love being able to wrap text around a shape in Silhouette Studio to create totally custom titles and it is so unbelievably easy. For this layout I started off by drawing a circle using the Elipse tool.

I then wrote my text using the Text tool. I've used LD Demure font and just written my title anywhere on my mat. Can you see that the text currently has a green box around it and that there is a little circle to the left...well simply pick that up and move your text towards your circle...

...and it will fit itself to your shape! Awesome! Play around a bit as you can wrap it around the outside or inside of your shape. When you are happy with it's positioning then click off of the text to deselect it. Now you can play around with each letter by ungrouping. I did this - I nudged my letters together so they overlapped both each other and the circle and then I welded them altogether.

I added a few more circles and then I sent it to my Silhouette - I used a sketch pen to draw this design onto my layout rather than cutting it out.

and this is the layout I made with it. I added some colour using watercolours to the circle as well as lots of ink splatters. I also added some machine stitching and fussy cut out lots of little houses to go around it. I love the result and think this is one of my favourite layouts of all time!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you give curved text titles a go :)
Happy scrapping xx 

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  1. Where is the paper from Niki? Actually I could make something similar with a Silhouette file! Love those colours 😊