Thursday, 17 November 2016

Split Letter Monogram - Return Address Stickers or Stamps

Split Letter Monogram Tutorial by Nadine Muir for Silhouette UK.  Make Return Address Stickers or Stamps

Hi gang, Nadine here with a tutorial for split letter monograms.  These are really versatile - you can make plaques or tiles using vinyl or etch the monogram into drinking glasses.  I incorporated the monogram into part of a bigger design for return address stickers or stamps.  This is a really affordable way to make personalised supplies, whether it be for your own letters and parcels or as a gift for a friend.

Step One: Split Monogram

Pick a font you'd like to use, formal fonts tend to work well with this style.  I used the LD Times Square font from the Silhouette Design Store.  The 'D' is 52pt and 'DUNSMORE' is 7pt.  As this font is very spaced out, I reduced the character spacing to 85%.

Top tip
To centre correctly, convert the text to path - see my Alignment tutorial for more info.
I made a screenshot of the steps you need to do:

Split letter Monograme tutorial by Nadine Muir for Silhouette UK Blog

Written out, the steps are:
A. Make a rectangle, the height of the split you'd like to make - mine was 3mm in height.

B. Make two bars the same length as the surname and space them slightly wider than the rectangle height.  Centre the surname within these bars. 

C. Centre the rectangle and the capital letter 'D' and click the Subtract tool from the Modify menu.

D. Group the split letter.

E. Centre the bars and surname within your split letter and weld.

F. Group your Split Monogram - ta dah!

Step Two: Address Label Components

The rest of the address label just really involves lots of circles and the Text to Path functionality.

Make a frame, by centring a 3cm circle and a 2.9cm circle then making a compound path.

Make a round frame for return address label

To make the ring of dots, I actually used a string of full stops (Times Roman 12pt) around a 2.7cm circle.

How to make a ring of dots in Silhouette Studio - use text to path with full stops

Finally I added the name arcing up and over and the address arching down and around, again using text to path.
Text to path for Round Return Address labels using Silhouette Studio

Step THREE - Using your Design

 If you have a Silhouette Mint, simply save the design, then open it in the Mint Software.  Scale to the size of stamp you'd like to use and the Mint will handle everything else - no need to mirror.

If you are making stickers, set your design to 'No Cut' on the Cut Settings menu.  Then centre it within another circle which is set to cut.  Replicate and then use print and cut.

The Finished Product

Split Letter Monogram Tutorial by Nadine Muir for Silhouette UK.  Make Return Address Stickers or Stamps

Silhouette Mint Return address Stamp in acetate no glue box, cut using Silhouette Cameo




  1. This is a great way to use split monograms Nadine - your return address stickers look SO classy!

  2. Great tutorial. I am going to make some today. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas which I appreciate very much.

  3. I LOVE this! Great tutorial Nadine, I'll be making one x

  4. Love, Love, Love this ! so professional, I am going to make these using the Silhouette Gold Sticker Foil :-)