Sunday, 27 November 2016

Modern Twist on Advent Calendar

Hey there, it's Sara. Christmas is just a couple of days away! Today I wanted to show you a tutorial for how you can make a modern and one of a kind advent calendar, using your silhouette machine.

What you need:
White Cardstock
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait/Curio
LD TIMES SQUARE Font ( ID #134147)

I made four different sizes. You can choose any size you like but these are the sizes I chose):

Six cuts of these two sizes (26 x 15 cm & 22 x 12 cm),

 one cut of this for Christmas Eve (35 x 20 cm),

and four of this (20 x 12 cm) , with one extra just in case I do a mistake with one of them.

Cut them all using the card stock setting, make sure you to do a test cut as some card stock are thicker than others and you might have to increase thickness to get a good cut. 

After that I cut out the numbers for the stars, to know which number I will cut in what colour, I coloured them grey and blue. You can choose any number you like and here I chose numbers randomly and not in any specific order. 

Numbers that will be cut in silver glitter.

Numbers that will be cut in blue glitter.

On the numbers, I chose to cut them using the Chipboard setting as the texture is quite thick and a normal card stock setting wont give me a clean cut. 


Now that you have all your stars and numbers ready, you can start assembling your advent calendar.

Start by adding thread to your twig, roll the thread on the sides of the twig and make a knot on each side. It will look something like this:

Now work on your stars, for the stars you will need twine cord as well, so cut in advance 24 metre long twine cords to add to your stars.  Once you start folding your stars, glue the tip of the twine cord on the top part of your stars and add your advent presents inside the stars before gluing it together. 

This is how it will look like after its folded and glued together. 

Using paper glue, add your numbers to your stars. 

Once you have them all ready, you can start adding them to your twig hanger. Hang your twig, where you want it to be for Christmas and start adding your stars. Make some longer and some shorter till it looks something like this. 

A modern twist on advent calendar ready for Christmas countdown!






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