Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Using Coloured Core Cardstock with your Cameo.

Hi Karen here with a technique I discovered quite by accident!

I wanted to use some coloured core cardstock - you know the sort that is one colour on the outside but if you tear it, it is a different colour inside, to cut some leaves.  I set out the leaves on my design area and sent them to cut, forgetting that I had been cutting vellum previously and also forgetting to adjust my blade depth, this resulted in my Cameo only scoring through the top layer of the card.

Fortunately, before removing the card from my machine I realised that I could peel away the top layer of the card to reveal the contrasting colour beneath.  I added a small offset to all my leaves and sent them to cut again, this time remembering to change the blade settings.

I now had beautifully cut leaves and I peeled away the top layer to leave the contrast colour showing - I love this technique.

To make my layout I drew two circles and centered them to my page, next I used Hello Sunshine Sketch font to write my journaling, drew these with a bronze sketch pen.

 Added my title to the top left, photo to the centre and the leaves to the top right and bottom left.

As a final flurish I added some wooden leaves.





  1. What a fantastic discovery Karen! I put my coloured core cardstock aside when I discovered it didn't fold well for card bases and 3D projects, but this idea opens up a whole wealth of decorative options.

  2. This is superb Karen - I am becoming more and more convinced I just must get a Cameo!!! All your fault. x

  3. Love this happy accident! It should be called the Karen Moss technique!