Friday, 10 March 2017

So much Stitching - What if you Fly?

 Hi there Silhouetters, Niki back with you today. I always try to show you a new way to use your Silhouette or a tip, something you may not know, but sometimes I have to remind myself that it is ok to use my Silhouette in a way I already know how to, to create something beautiful. 

For ths very simple technique, I simply chose a quote from the Silhouette Design Store, opened it up within software, re-sized it to the size I wanted, and then selected 'perforate' in my cut settings, which means I get a great stitching template from which to work, and then sent it to my Silhouette to cut.

I then spent at least 10 hours stitching... and created this beautiful layout once I'd finished sewing.

Do you use your Silhouette to create stitching templates?

Happy scrapping

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  1. Fantastic! I didn't realise that you could do this. Can it be done on older Cameo or is it just Cameo 3? Keep feeling that I need to get a Cameo 3 as I love the autoblade and stippling functions. Looks like there may be another reason to get one - tee hee. Thanks for sharing.