Monday, 13 March 2017

Using the Silhouette Mint to create a functional stamp

Hi! Bev here with a very quick project on how to use your Silhouette Mint™ to create a functional stamp to use in your diary or wall calendar.  Very handy, especially for reoccuring events.

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Mint™ Machine
  • 30x15 Stamp kit
  • Silhouette Black Mint Ink
  • Scrap Paper
Step One

Open up a fresh page in your Silhouette Mint™ studio and select the stamp size you would like to use (for this project it is the 30x15)
Open a text box and type School Run (or whatever words you would like to use)  and choose an appropriate font

Using the scale tool, select the wording and click 'fit to stamp'.  This will ensure that the stamp will print perfectly with no cut offs.

Click on the mint icon and send to the machine.  Insert the stamp sheet into the back of the machine and start.

Break the seal and remove the black stamp sheet from the card

Mount the stamp onto the block that is provided in the kit and ink the grey area of the stamp.  The very clever technology means that the ink will only be absorbed into the grey area.  Leave for as long as possible to absorb and then using scrap paper, stamp off the excess until the image becomes clear.

Affix the sticker to the top of the white lid and your project is done.  I completed this in about 15 minutes so its super quick and simple.

I have loved sharing with you and I can't wait to see what you create!

The font used in this project is SNF School Yard Bold