Friday, 24 March 2017

Rhinestone Setter

Just a quick post today as  I recently got my hands on the rhinestone setter and I'm afraid that everything may have to sparkle now. Using this tool will allow gems to be set on to an item which can not be placed under an iron. 

To try out the setter I choose a design from the design store for a rhinestone heart and loaded the rhinestone template material into my cutter. (I would normally have used the backing board at this point to arrange the gems but I was eager to test the setter)   

 The template was placed sticky side down and a handful of gems sprinkled over. The rhinestone kit comes with a brush that somehow manages to get all the gems into the cutouts the right way up, ready for setting (which saves a lot of time on larger designs).


The rhinestone setter takes 3 batteries (not included) which fit into the bottom of the machine. once you have inserted the batteries and replaced the cover you will still need to turn the setter on this is done by pushing the blue bar towards the metal tip. Now the setter is in standby mode and will not heat the tip until the button is pressed and held in.

It is recommended that the tip is allowed to heat for 15 seconds and then it is simply a matter of touching the tip against the rhinestone long enough to melt the glue.
 I found that I didn't need to keep the tip heating all the time as I was only using small gems. It's such a simple thing to do to add a gem or two but wow doesn't make a difference.

I can see this little tool being used regularly at craft fairs to add names to items, just bring a template of letters. It will also be a handy craft tool during power cuts.
Add a little sparkle to the world!
Don't get the iron out someone might give you a shirt.


Cute rhinestone heart swirl Design ID #6625



  1. This is a great little tool isn't it? Glad you had fun with it.

  2. I can't wait to use mine... I have already a fun project in mind!