Sunday, 26 March 2017

One cut, three projects

Hello Silhouette fans! Maria here again today to share with you how I made three scrapbook pages using just one Silhouette cut!

If you are anything like me, you like to make the most of your paper and use every single bit of your scraps. The same goes with what you cut with your Silhouette machine!

For this set of projects I used the Sunburst Square design from the Silhouette Store, and used it in three different ways: as a stencil, using the normal cut and using the negative space.


- Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
- Scrapbook cardstock and paper
- All the other ancilleries to finish off your layouts or projects.


This is a very straightforward process: On your Silhouette Studio, open your desired file. I went for the Sunburst Square, but I think other background cuts would work as well. This design comes with an outer box that I don't want to use, so I ungroup the shape in order to delete the outer box.

Once I have deleted the square, I selected all the shapes again and grouped them all so I don't accidentally modify any of them.

Now I decided to flip my design because one of the ideas I had for my layout was to place the photo on the right had side. This step is totally optional, and not necessary at all for backgrounds which are symmetrical. However, I wanted to flip it to have the photo on the right, as sometimes the back of the cardstock doesn't look as "clean" as the front after a cut. As it happens, and you'll be able to see below, in the end I didn't flip my cardstock! Simply select your shape, right click on your mouse and choose "Flip Horizontally"

I wanted to add a bit more interest to my cut, so I added some lines to the sunburst which I will perforate so I can hand-stitch throught them. Just add the lines and position them where you want, and when it comes to the cut settings, select them all carefully and choose perforate.

And that's it! Now you have one cut that you can use in three different ways!

Here are the projects that I created with this cut:

1) Cheeky Smile layout: I used my cut as a stencil. I postitioned it over some blue cardstock and I used acrylic paint and sprays to create the splatters. 

2) Usual Suspects layout: My original plan was to flip the cut and use the other side, as this side was all full of white splatters and ink. As it happens, I actually loved the way that this looked! The splatters give certain texture and interest but it is not obvious at all at first sight.

3) Wonderful You layout: I used the remaining bits of my cut, which I had already added perforated lines to. I hand stitched some of the "rays" (didn't use all of them in the end) and created my layout.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has encouraged you to make the most of your cuts!
Read you soon,



  1. I love the mix of buttons and papers on the middle layout Maria!

  2. Great use of your pieces. I'm thinking I could do the exact same thing with card designs too!