Friday, 30 December 2016

Making your own reindeer with flower crown design

Hey there, it's Sara. Christmas eve might be over, but I wanted to show you how you can make a winter themed frame to have in your home. I have chosen to work with a geometric deer head and lots of different flowers to make this gorgeous winter frame.

What you need:
Cardstock in different color
Glitter cardstock in different color
3D frame
Paper glue
Padded doublesided tape
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait/Curio
SLED AND SPRIG Design ( ID #52368)
ROSES Design (ID #71592)
FLOWER Design (ID #77150)


I always like to do an online mockup of my design before I cut the shapes, so we can start with that.
Add the geometric deer to your page and scale it to the size you want to have it in your frame.

We want to make a crown of flowers on the deer's head. So to begin with, we will do the foilage part, then the small berries and then the big flowers in the end.

Add the SLED AND SPRIG design. We will be using only the sprig design. 

Now I color the different shapes before I layer them on top of each other so I can see how it will look once its cut. 
We want to make a crown of flowers on the deers head so resize the sprig to fit on one side on the deers head and mirror it to the left.  

Using the FLOWER design, ungroup and resize the leaves so they are just a bit smaller then the sprigs.

Add the dark one to the bottom of the right sprig, mirror above and add the second leaf to left sprig.

Then you do the same to the smaller leaf, but opposite side this time. 

Now is the second stage of layering, which is the berries, using the ROSES design.
When you open the design it will look like this: 

The berries are placed in its correct place for the twig. So ungroup the design and move the twig and place it where the berries should be on the ends of the twig. 
Color it so it easy for the layering part. 

Group it together and add it on the right side of the crown design. When you're happy with its place, mirror it on the left side, you might have to move it slighty to the left to keep the shape balanced. 

Now you add the flowers, on the flowers I wanted them to have a bit more layers.
First I added the FLOWER shape, when you ungroup the design, 
you will find all the shapes inside the flower are ungrouped as well. 

Remove the small shape that was inside the flower and select the flower design and make compound path. Do the same for the small flower shape as well.

We do the same steps with the ROSES.

Now we color them and layer it on the foilage. This is the last step before the design is ready to be disassembled and cut.

Cut the different shapes in the different textures and coloured paper you have.. The cut settings is different as some card stock is thicker then others, as well as the glitter ones is best to cut using cardboard settings as its quite textured. Always remember to do a test cut so you don't waste your card stock if the settings are not right.


Now all the paper cut parts have been cut and we can assemble the design.

For paper cut project, I like using Cosmic Shimmer glue as it has a needle nose tip which makes it easier to control how much glue you get on your designs. 

This is the back of the reindeer head, after I added a bit of glue to it.

After gluing the reindeer to your paper, start adding the foliage. 
First the sprigs:

Then the rest of the leaves:

Now glue the cranberry parts together,

and add them to the reindeer.

Last step will be adding the flowers, the roses on the side and the big flower in the middle.

Let it dry for a bit and its ready to be framed and displayed





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