Friday, 9 December 2016

Snow Globe Shaker Card

Hello, Karen here with another idea for our 12 Days of Christmas.  Hope you love what the team has made so far - I certainly do.

We all have someone who we like to send a special card and today I have an idea for a snow globe shaker card for that special someone .

You will need:-

White 12 x 12 card
Black A4 card
A piece of acetate
Black sketch pen
A piece of black and white baker's twine
White beads.

Step One - Sketch Pen Elements

  • Open the snowflake background file and resize it to 5.75 square and remove the outer square.

  • Remove the sketch Merry Christmas from the sketch Christmas Card and give it an .05 offset. Add this to the bottom of the 12 x 12 card that you have your snowflake pattern on. 
  • Use ctrl x to remove the offset section of the sentiment and your sketch pen file is now ready to draw.
  • Do not remove your cutting mat from the Silhouette.  Use ctrl v to replace the offset section of the sentiment and delete the sketch pen sentiment and snowflake background.  Replace your sketch pen with your blade and cut out the sentiment.  I used a trimmer to cut my card to 6 ins deep and then scored it at 6 ins to fold into my card. Keep the remaining piece of card to use to cut out a white snow globe. 

Step Two - Snow Globe

  • From the snow globe card you need to delete everything but the two pieces outlined in red.

  • Use the scale menu and increase the snow globe and the window to 115%

  • Copy and past the snow globe onto an A4 page.
  • Select the original snow globe and on the Modify menu choose 'Release' this will release the centre part of the snow globe, which you can now remove.  Cut this solid shape from white card.
  • Open your 'Christmas Town Snow Scene' ,  ungroup and remove all the snow flakes.  Regroup and resize to 2 ins high. 
  • Change the fill colour of the window shape no fill and move it over the 'Christmas Town Snow Scene' until you are satisfied with what is inside the shape. 

  • Ungroup the town once more and making sure it is behind the window shape, select the outline of the village and the circle shape and under the Modify window choose 'Crop' this will remove the parts of the village that are outside the window shape and give you a perfectly sized village to put into your snow globe.  Group all the parts together and put it onto the page with the snow globe you are going to cut from black card and cut.

  • Finally cut the window shape from acetate. 

Step Three - Assembling your card

  • Glue the black village onto the white snow globe shape,
  • Glue the acetate window to the back of the black snow globe shape.
  • Put narrow pieces of foam tape all around the edge of the window shape, making sure it doesn't show through the acetate.
  • Put a couple of foam pads on the base base of the Snow globe.
  • Pour a teaspoon of beads onto the centre of your village, ensuring they are not near where the foam pads will adhere.
  • add the black snow globe to the white one, pressing down all around the area with foam pads.
  • Add a piece of baker's twine and your sentiment to finish the card.
I hope you enjoy giving this card as much as I have enjoyed making it.



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