Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Penguin Bookmark

Hi! Bev here with a project walk through that I created using the penguin design by the fabulous Nic Squirrel.

I decided to create a simple bookmark that I could laminate and use it in all my holiday books.

All you need is a printer, a Silhouette machine and cardstock.  Draw a rectangle the size you would like your bookmark to be, and replicate the penguin image along the top of that rectangle.  Then select all of the penguins and replicate down to the bottom of the bookmark.  You can play with colours and choose ones that you like.  I decided to flip every other line of penguins horizontally to create a different look.  Select all of the penguins and choose 'no cut' in the cut settings box.  The only thing you will need to cut is the bookmark. I selected all and then made another copy to use as a backing.

Ensure there are registration marks on the page and send it to print.  Once it has printed, load it into the Silhouette and cut the two rectangles out.  Back them together and laminate them, and once the excess has been trimmed your bookmark is finished! you can also embellish it further by adding some ribbon or twine.

I have enjoyed sharing this walk through with you and hope you find lots of projects to use this fabulous design on!




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