Thursday, 29 December 2016

Vinyl Jewellery Dish

Hi! Bev here with a quick make Jewellery dish that would make a lovely gift or just be handy to keep on the nightstand.

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Portrait/Cameo
  • Silhouette Vinyl
  • Computer
Step One:

Open a new page in your studio and create a text box.  You really can write whatever you would like, I chose Rings and Things as it will be the new home for my jewellery on my bedside table.  Choose a font and weld if necessary.  Group the words together by selecting all of the text and right click 'group'.  Resize to the area you will be working on.  I allowed 5 inches as that was the width of the dish I used.

Step Two:

Ensure the settings are correct for cutting vinyl and send to your silhouette.  Weed the design and cover with transfer paper.  Then transfer to your dish and rub with a card sized squeegie.

And there you have it! a quick and easy project that would be a lovely addition to any dressing table or nightstand.

I have enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to seeing your makes!

FONT USED: Winter Wonderland


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