Monday, 25 June 2018

Faux Leather Paper flower brooch

Hi everyone. It's Verity here from Pretty Little Button bringing you another project. I have had the Faux Leather Paper in my stash for a while and I have been meaning to try it out. After some time I thought why not see whether I could use it to create a faux leather brooch. And, well I did just that!

Faux Leather Paper brooch detail:

To start, load your design into the studio. I used the flower, but I decided I wouldn't cut the stamen in the middle. I had planned to use a button for the inner of my brooch. To try and prevent wasting too much material when cutting the design, I used the nesting tool. Select the group of shapes you wish to nest.

Next, select the nesting tool on the right-hand side - looks like to hands clasped together. I choose to nesting my shapes using the 'cut area'.  This resulted in my flowers aligning towards the top of the mat, rotated and close together to reduce the amount of space between them. I could have done this manually myself by hand, over the nesting tool makes this much quicker for you!

When I went to send this design to cut, I made sure I did a test cut. I ended up changing my settings quite a bit - increasing my blade number and the number of passes. It is quite an old blade, so the normal settings for Faux leather paper will probably work well for you. Just make sure you do a test cut to be sure!
Once the flowers were cut out, I added some foiled detailed using Minc reactive paint, decofoil and my Minc machine. Before assembling the brooch, I washed the faux leather paper. This will help turn the paper into a more leather appearance. Once dry, I assembled the flower together using my glue gun and added a brooch pin on the back.

If this has inspired you to try this out, please post below. I would love to see it!

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Paper flower with center by Jamie Cripps, Design ID #252826



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