Saturday, 9 June 2018

SIlhouette for Everything: School Beach Project

Hey there, Niki here with you today. I usually use my Silhouette machine for scrapbooking, I also make the odd gift box, use it to cut vinyl to decorate my home and other things, and very occasionally use it to decorate material using heat transfer vinyl - it is a hugely useful bit of kit and comes in handy for soooooo many things, so when my 7 year old daughter Sophie came home from school with an art project to make, of course we turned straight to my Silhouette!

Her assignment was to make a beach scene in a shoebox. Well I didn't have a shoebox to hand so, a pizza box that had brought me craft supplies turned out to be perfect. She began by painting half of the box yellow (for the sand) and the other half blue (for the sea). She then added real sand (borrowed from the local park that has a sandpit!) and stuck on strips of blue tissue paper for the waves.

We made a list of all the things she wanted to include: beach huts, surf boards, shells, umbrella, deck chairs, a crab, lighthouse, boat, pier. Quite a list.

We started off by looking for beach huts - the Silhouette Store had an amazing beach hut cut file, it's a print and cut one called Beach Hut Favor Boxes, and included four different colours. I printed five of them and then used the Print and Cut feature to cut out the beach huts. I gave them to Sophie to assemble, which she loved doing, and they look so effective!

I then went looking for an umbrella. We found a file called 3D Beach Umbrella which we cut out in white and Sophie then coloured it in with her felt tip pens. I tried to pursuade her that we could cut out the panels in different coloured card, but she wanted to colour it in, so white it was. She then assembled it and we used a hot glue gun to attach a BBQ skewer.

A sandcastle was the next challenge. She wanted a really good one made out of sand - well try as we might we couldn't build a decent sandcastle out of dry sand (or wet for that matter) that was small enough without it collapsing, So yet again we turned to my Silhouette machine and we cut out a really tiny 3D sandcastle from white card. We smothered it in glue and rolled it around in the sand, and finally she was happy.

The rest of the project we made without my Silhouette - she made a pier out of lolly sticks, a lighthouse out of a kitchen roll tube, strips of paper and a yoghurt pot, a boat out of a stock pot box and we added a toy deckchair with toy princesses, and a mermaid of course.

Sophie and I had a wonderful day together making this project and she really enjoyed looking at the things we could make using my 'clever machine'. This proved to me how versatile this machine can be and that you can literally make anything with it!

Thanks for joining me today for this slightly different type of project, happy scrapping xx 

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