Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Double Slider Birthday Card

Hello, Karen here.  I love making double slider cards as they are kind of magical when you pull one side and something pops out of the other side too.

I wanted to make a special card form my mum's birthday and decided on a double slider card.

You will need:
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait
6in square white card blank
Pink glitter card
3 sheets of white A4 card
Foam dots
A plastic bag
Red double sided tape.

STEP 1 - Making Your Components.

  • The design I chose was made to be used for planner stickers and so I had to enlarge it for my card. 
  • I opened the design and chose CROP from the MODIFY menu and this separated all the elements on the page. 

  • Next I deleted the ones I didn't want, leaving me with three printed panels and a circle. 

  • I used the DUPLICATE RIGHT option from the REPLICATE menu to mirror the panel with the white background.  Then grouped the two parts.

  • I rotated the other two panels 90 degrees and resized all three to 4ins wide and 3 ins tall.  I also resized the circle to 1 inch wide and 1 in tall. 
  • On the two panels with the large flowers I drew a rectangle measuring 3.75 wide and 2.75 tall. Changed it's cut settings to NO CUT under the CUT SETTINGS menu.  Then I filled this rectangle with white and changed the transparancy to 50% under the ADVANCED options in the FILL COLOUR menu. I then wrote my greeting on one and my verse on the other, remembering to set the text to NO CUT.

  • I duplicated my circle and drew a straight line through one of them so that it would be cut in half and used the OFFSET option to make a 0.05 border around the shapes.

  • The final element to prepare for printing is my sentiment.  Again I changed the line to NO CUT as I wanted to print the words and filled them with pink.  I added an offset border and my printed elements were ready to print.  

  • I then resized my butterfly background to 6 ins square and cut this from white card.
  • To make the 'pocket' that the panels pop out of I cut a piece of white card 4.25ins wide and 10.25ins long.  I scored this at .5in, 3.75in and 7 ins.

STEP TWO - Constructing Your Slider.

  • Now for the fun bit.  Cut a piece of plastic bag, long enough to go around the width of your pocket with a little overlap. wrap around the top of your pocket piece and secure with a piece of double sided tape.  Make sure that the tape is on the left of your pocket. 

  • Secure the printed panel, with the sebtunebt on, with a small piece of tape attached to the left side of the plastic loop, printed side up.

  • Turn your pocket over - keeping the plastic loop at the top and attach the printed panel, with the verse onto the left side of the plastic loop, printed side down.

  • Now fold your pocket around the panels so that they are completely encased and use the .5 in fold to secure. 
  • Adhere the two printed half circles to the centre of the right panel - this is used to pull the sliders out and push them back again.
  • Add the final printed panel to the front of the pocket. 

STEP THREE - Constructing Your Card. 

  • Lay your card so that it opens from bottom to top and on the front score across at 3 ins from the bottom. Fold this to make an easel card using the final printed circle as the stopper. 
  • Cut a piece of glitter card measuring 6 ins square and adhere the butterfly panel on top of this.
  • Attach the slider pocket to the middle of the butterfly panel and place your 'Happy Birthday' sentiment centrally onto this.
  • Finally adhere the whole 6 in panel to the bottom only, of the front of your folded card. 
Hey Presto! a show stopper of a card.




  1. Amazing card and I love how you used a sticker design in a new way!

  2. what is sebtunebt and where do we get it from? (sorry if I sound a bit thick but I am new to all this)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think KAREN meant to write the word "sentiment" to identify which piece of card she was sticking down.