Monday, 10 October 2016

Mix and Match Chevrons

Hey there, Niki here again today with a simple but effective project using the Line tool. I chose a shape (pretty much any shape will work) and re-sized.

I then selected the 'draw a line' tool and simply drew a straight line straight through the middle of my chevrons. When happy that is was exactly straight and not wonky at all, I copied the design and filled my mat with it.

I then filled my cutting mat with 9 nine different patterned papers, all 3x4" each. I made sure my chevrons were all within these rectangles, and then I sent my design to cut on the Silhouette.

The result was that I had lots of chevrons, all cut in half, which means they can now be mixed and matched with the other patterns on the sheet. I arranged them onto my layout, stuck them down in place and added some machine stitching details over the middle sections. Super fun! I finished off my layout with a title - Hello is a pre-purchased embellishment and the 'coffee' is from the design store - link below.

Happy scrapping xx

Designs used:
Chevron Banner
Coffee Pulse


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  1. That's brilliant Niki. I do love using my pattern fills!