Sunday, 16 October 2016

Dinosaur Nursery decor - 1 design - 3 mini projects

Hey there, it's Sara. I wanted to show you today how you can create a nursery decoration with one set of Dinosaur shapes. The mini projects consists of Baby closet dividers using print and cut, wall print and pillowcase.


Supplies needed:

DOOR HANGER Design (ID #2540)
DINOSAUR SET Design (ID #23556)
Chipboard 12" x 12"
White cardstock

Add the door hanger design, ungroup the design and make compound path.

Using the cutting knife tool, create a line cut on the top right side of the door hanger, making sure the shape is treated as solid after cutting.

Using the ZP PapierMache font. Add the clothing details you want to add to your dividers.

Add the Dinosaur set, ungroup and add the dinosaur you would like to have on your divider. Since its four dividers in total, you can copy and paste the door hanger and text and add a dinosaur to each. 

Now you can color your dinosaurs in the colors you want.

Set your page size to your printer, add registration marks and print your dividers, one at a time.

Make sure your cut settings are set to cut the edge only and that the material type is set for cardstock. 

The finished look:


Supplies needed: 

DINOSAUR SET Design (ID #23556)
HEART CLUSTER Design (ID #119795)

Set your page size to your printer.

Using the dinosaur set, choose the Apatosaurus (I had to google that!) dinosaur. 

Mirror it across and resize it. place the little Dinosaur beside the big dinosaur so it looks like a mummy dinosaur and its baby. 

Select them both and drag them a bit upwards so you have more space to have your text.
Using the font LD Delightful add this text "RAWR means I love you in Dinosaur"
, centring it in the middle. 

Add the heart cluster design, we only need one of the heart, so ungroup it and use any of them 
you like but delete the rest. 
Resize the heart and place it on top of the dinosaurs. 

Now that we have our shapes in place, we can color the dinosaurs and heart.

Now you can send your design to your printer.

Here's the finished print in a frame.


Supplies needed:

DINOSAUR SET Design (ID #23556)
LD CHARMING BOLD Design (ID #14116)
Gold glitter heat transfer vinyl
Pink flock heat transfer vinyl
Pom pom ribbon
Pillow case

This time we will use the T-rex dinosaur from the Dinosaur set.
First sew on the pom pom ribbon on the edge of the pillow, doesn't need much sewing skills, just a simple stitch would do.
As before, add the dinosaur set, ungroup, delete the other dinosaur shapes.

Using the font LD Charming Bold, write the child's name.

Make sure to weld the text together, if you don't the machine will cut each letter separately.

Measure the pillow you're using and resize the dinosaur and text accordingly.

MIRROR your design! the amount of times I have forgotten to do that is just to painful to think about! I want to do the text in a different color then the dinosaur so I am cutting them separately.

But after mirroring and setting the cut settings to heat transfer vinyl, your design is ready to be cut.

Using an iron or heatpress and iron your design to the pillow.


Gorgeous room decor for a nursery.





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