Sunday, 30 October 2016

love you layout tutorial

Love You Layout Tutorial

Hiiiii Caroline here with another scrapbook tutorial, it's super simple but very pretty and effective!

Here is the cut file that I used...

I chose to use this leaf design but I only wanted to use the red leaf, so the first thing I did was ungroup the design and delete the yellow leaf.

I then made the red leaf much larger, I just eye-balled how large I wanted it, no measuring for me HA!

I then chose the patterned paper and send it to cut on that setting.

Once the design had been cut I peeled it off my mat, the paper has a gorgeous marble effect on it but on the back it has blue polka dots. I decided I need to add some stitched details so I flipped the paper over on to the back side (the polka dots) and just hand drew some leaf veins in pencil...

I then took my pokey tool and made holes along the pencil lines ready for the stitching, I did mine about every 5mm apart...

Don't worry if you haven't got a pokey tool, I often just use a sewing needle to make the holes.

Now came the very annoying part of stitching with metallic thread - YIKES - I normally love stitching but boy oh boy; metallic thread has a life of it's own so I had to be patient. BUT I adore the final look of the gold yay.

Sooooo here is the finished layout...

I added in journalling around the edge using the lyrics from a favourite song of mine by Eva Cassidy called Autumn Leaves.

That photo makes me smile, the stunning colours from the trees matches in perfectly with the marble paper.

Here are some close ups...

I finished the layout with a few splatters in co coordinating colours.

I love how this page looks, sometimes the simplest ideas work best.

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'Til next time

C x

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Light hold cutting mat for Cameo



  1. Oh MY! This is just so beautiful and soooooo autumnal x