Sunday, 23 October 2016

One cut file - two layouts!

One cut file - two layouts!

Hiiiii Caroline here with a double share. I don't know about you but I like to make the most of any cut file that I purchase - so I have to be creative on how I use it.

I have created two layouts using this cut file...

I have a bit of a thing for maps so I was totally chuffed when this cut file appeared YAY!

Here is the first layout I made...

To do this I deleted all the other countries and kept the UK, however I did remove the names as I felt they got in the way of my story. I also loved the look of the waves so I kept them but just made them larger and moved them around the design.

For this one I wanted to document the local cafe that we HAVE to visit on a regular basis for their hot fresh made scones, jam and cream! Plus the building is right next to the river so the twins get to play. It's basically a win win situation HA!

I used the silhouette to make the stitched holes by using the following settings and it always works like a dream - just remember that before you go to cut you need to make sure that your design is selected!

Here are some more close ups of this layout...

The close ups help you to see how neat the stitching looks, this is the benefit of using the silhouette to make the holes, my fave thing to do!

Now for the second layout using the very same cut file...

You remember how I said the cafe was right by the river - well here is the proof. The twins just love collecting driftwood here - I have the proof in the back garden!!!!

For this layout I kept it just as it is as I love the details on it. I used a black sketch pen and kept it super simple. This is the setting...

Honestly you can't beat the sketch pen for intricate designs, you can then add photo's and embellishments to tell your story - perfect!

Here are some close ups of this layout...

I am lucky as I record memories for twins so I get to easily use one cut file twice, so these will be popped in to their albums for them to look back on in the future.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this and that it inspires you to get more from your silhouette.

'Til next time

C x

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Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. Fantastic projects again Caroline - I never tire of seeing how you put together your layouts x

  2. One of these days Janet and I should take the challenge of doing a scrapbook page I reckon! Caroline, do you make the same page for both children's albums?

    1. Yesssss do a scrapbook page! I have multiple albums for each of the twins but do a slightly different one for photo's that are the same/similar. These will be popped in each of the twins. I love it as I get to scrap more photo's C x