Monday, 17 October 2016

Pimp My Car!

Hello, Karen here - several years ago, I used to watch a tv programme called Pimp My Car, where a team of car pimpers would take away a car and completely personalise it.

Well, I am not up to adding all the 'Bells and Whistles' that they did but I am up to using some permanent frosted vinyl to add a little bit of personalisation to my own little car.  I sprayed the area I wanted to add the vinyl to with water, to which I had added a little washing up liquid.  This made it easier to slide the design around to get it into the position I wanted and I also used a rubber spatula to squeeze any air out from under the vinyl.  Tips from my husband who was really against me doing this to my car but loves it now it has been done.  I only made a smallish design as I was worried how well it would turn out but I think it looks fabulous!

I loved the design so much that I added it to a black mug

and then to a clear phone case.

Three beautiful projects from just one design just by resizing it.



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