Monday, 24 October 2016

Print and Cut Margins Tip

Hey there, Niki here again today with a quick tip for the using the Print and Cut feature. I have always found the margins of the registration marks to be quite restrictive when using the print and cut in the past, but the other day I noticed that under the Registration Marks window there is an option to change the margins! Just slide them down to make them as small as they will go and hey presto your Print and Cut area is quite a bit bigger - gamechanger!

I was able to fit more shapes into this larger area when printing onto my A4 sheets. So fab.

Here is the layout I made with those shapes. Those painted print and cut files are gorgeous and are all linked below.

Enjoy! Happy scrapping xx

Designs used:
Painted Floral Heart
Painted Multicoloured Swashes
Painted Purple Bouquet


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