Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Turn any shape into patterns using the Replicate tool - Designer Edition tutorial

Hey there, it's Sara. I love creating my own patterns using the silhouette programme as it's so easy, but will still need to have the designer edition to be able to use those patterns in future projects.

Here's a very short video to show you where you find the replicate future and what the basic and advanced options.



For the reindeer pattern, I used the Mirroring tool. Its very easy to use and makes a nice pattern effect. 

Row replicating:

I used the tree design on this one. As you can see in the start, I like to remove the line colors so I can see the real colors of my shape. Again, this option is very easy to use.

Fill option:

The fill option is so easy and fast as well. I made a simple design to show you how easily to create a pattern with it. 


Custom position:

First start with choosing how many copies of your shape you would like to have and then choose the custom options. This one needs a bit of testing, so first I tried 6 cm but found it was to close to the first shape so I adjusted it to 7 cm. But once you learn how to use it, you'll love using this option all the time!

Saving your patterns in Silhouette programme. First you will need to save the patterns to jpeg files.
On MAC, the easiest way to choose File > Print > Open PDF in Preview, once the pattern opens in preview choose   File > Export JPEG (or PNG) the resolution on 300 ppi or above.

On Windows: Select File > Print > print to PDF choose print an option will come up to "save it as" with the option of png.  If this doesnt work for you, try saving it as PDF and then importing it to JPEG or PNG file.

Install your patterns into your Silhouette Programme.


Once you've saved the patterns to your library, you can use the fill pattern option to add your pattern to your shapes. On this short video, I have used the free bauble shape that comes free with the Silhouette library.